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Onion bhaji pakora      $9.99 G/F

(4 per serve) Onions rings battered in chickpea flour with herbs and spices and gently fried  

Paneer pakora   $12.00 G/F

(4 per serve)Home made chees beautifully coated in chickpea flour, spices, herbs and fried


Aloo samosa   $10.00

(3 per serve) special spiced potatoes with peas, onions and fresh herbs stuffed in home made pastry and fried

Meat samosa    $10.99

(3per serve)special spiced minced meat mixed with the herbs and spice stuffed in home made pastry and fried

Chicken tikka   $12.99 G/F

(4per serve) boneless chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt spices ginger garlic and cooked in tandoor 


Chicken malai tikka   $12.99 G/F

(4per serve) chicken pieces marinated in cashew creamy and coocked and serve with creamy sauce


chicken tandoor Half $12.99 full $25.00 G/F

 boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt, spices, ginger, garlic lemon juice and roasted

Mix starters   $10.99

chicken tikka, kebab, aloo samosa, onion bhaji


Fish pakora   $12.00 G/F

Fish battered  with Gram flour and special spices, herbs and deep fried


Garlic prawn    $12.99 

(6per serve) prawns sauteed & simmered in fresh herbs and garlic



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