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          Standard Curries $18.99         Chicken, Lamb or Beef

Spice - Mild, Medium, Hot or Extra Hot



The chef special recipe of traditional curry cooked with special spices And garnished with fresh coriander. 


Slow cocked meat cooked in cashew, cream, special spices and herbs.

  Vindaloo (Hot or Extra Hot🥵) D/F
Slowly cooked meat in a traditional vindaloo sauce. 

 Madras Magic  D/F

Slowly cooked meat in rich spice sauce and coconut cream.

Bhuna D/F

 Delicious curry cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, sliced onion, tomato, fresh herbs and spices.

Go green D/F

 Slow cooked meat with 𝒔𝒑𝒊𝒏𝒂𝒄𝒉 favorite dish from Punjab region of India                  




Chicken Dishes $18.50G/F


Butter ChiCken

 Boneless tandoori chicken pieces cooked in tomato puree and finished with butter and fresh cream.

Mango Chicken  D/F

Boneless chicken cooked in sweet smoothie mango sauce.

 Kadahi chicken

 Chicken pieces cooked with diced tomato, onion, capsicum home ground spices with cream or without cream and cooked to perfection.

Chicken Tikka Masala 

 Tandoori chicken pieces with grilled onion, capsicum cooked in rich creamy tomato-onion masala.

Punjabi chicken curry  D/F

 Chicken cooked in traditional Punjabi style with onion, ginger, garlic and fresh tomato  



Chef speciel   $ 20.99   G/F

Goat curry D/F

Bone in goat pieces cooked in chef special sauce&spices 


Goat korma

Slow cocked meat cooked in cashew, cream, special,

spices and herbs.


Goat Madras

Slowly cooked meat in rich spice sauce,coconut cream.


Lamb pasanda D/F

Meat coocked in creamy sauce made with the mixture

of almond, ginger,coconut cream and spices


Chicken,Lamb or Beef Balti

Meat cooked with mix vegetable and special spice


Seafood Dishes $21.99  G/F

Malai Prawn or Fish D/F

Prawn or fish cooked in rich sauce with coconut 

cream and spices


Vindaloo Prawn or Fish D/F

seafood curry prepared in goan style


Prawn Garlic Masala D/F

prawns cooked with fresh garlic, capsicum, onion and

blendedin spices sauce


vegetarian and vegan $17.99  G/F

Malai kofta

Paneer and potato dumplings with fried nuts simmered in a 

rich saffron and cashew nut gravy


Kofta Tikka Masala

Paneer and potato dumplings cooked in creamy tomato 

capsicum and onion Masala 


Sahai Paneer

Home made cheese cooked in creamy sauce


Butter Paneer

home made cheese cooked in butter sauce ,spice and herbs


Go Green(Palak Paneer)

Palak paneer cooked with fresh palak and homemade 



Kadhai Paneer 

Paneer pieces stir fried with tomatoes, onions, capsicum and 

home ground spices and cooked to perfection 


Paneer Tikka Masala

Cheese pieces cooked with grilled onion, capsicum 

in rich creamy tomato-onion masala.


Daal Makhni  

Black lentil cooked in butter and spices 


Navratan Korma

The beautiful assortment of nine types of fresh vegetables 

prepared in herbs and creamy sauce


Channa Masala  (Vegan)

Chickpeas cooked in special spices and herbs gravy with tomato 

and onions 


Aloo Matar Masala  (Vegan)

Potatoes and peas cooked with the chefs special recipe 


Aloo Gobhi Methi Masala  (Vegan)

Cauliflower cuts & potatoes lightly spiced and cooked with the 

touch of fenugreek leaves 


Mix vegetables  (Vegan)

Variety of vegetables cooked with spices,tomato,onion and herb


DAL TADKA  (Vegan)

Yellow lentil tempered with cumin seeds, onions, and finished 

with fresh coriander 





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